About Krevat Energy Innovations

Krevat Energy Innovations is dedicated to the world-wide challenge of keeping the earth’s climate human friendly by consulting with start-ups, utilities, regulators, legislatures, and environmentally-focused companies and communities. Our goal is to help bring clean energy and clean transportation solutions successfully to market by strategizingevangelizing, and connecting stakeholders.

Job creation, improved health, and severe weather events could be motivation to create the momentum necessary to adopt a low-carbon future, but better technology at a lower cost will be the catalyst for change.

Bold leadership and committed teams across the globe share a mission to create and deploy transformational technology. Krevat Energy leverages strengths in strategy, innovation, communication, and deep stakeholder networks across the energy and transportation ecosystem to help achieve these goals.

Our vision is an earth that is Ivory Soap Clean: 99.44% carbon free.